Music Therapy Services


Music Therapy can be offered in different types settings. Clients can recieve individual or group servies. Inservices can be provided for facilities and different functions to educate about music therapy and discuss research. It can also be provided for well adults to address stress relief and group unity.

Individualized Music Therapy

Individualized Music Therapy sessions are a one on one session that are designed to address the needs of the client by a Board-Certified Music Therapist (MT-BC). The MT-BC creates an individualized treatment plan to meet the healthcare goals of the client. Goals may service physical, spiritual, emotional, behavioral, social, cognitive and communication needs.

Group Music Therapy

Group Music Therapy sessions are designed and implemented by a Board-Certified Music Therapist (MT-BC). A variety of large and small group sessions that are customized based on age and ability , offering interactive and postive opportunities for social interaction with others and over all well being.

Music for Well Adults

Music Therapy does not only benefit adults with disabilities.  Through music assisted relaxation along with a variety of interventions Music Therapy can improve quality of life while help improve current cognitive, social and spritiual abilities.


Coachella Valley Music Therapy provides continuing education inservice workshops for a variety of companies in the desert area. An inservice can consist of a presentation on what is music therapy and how it can benifit your patients. Education is provided to staff on how to impliment music from day to day when a music therapist is not present.